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(coming out in 2013)
Written by Boaz Yakin Illustrated by Nick Bertozzi

Jerusalem is a portrait of a family and of the city they both inhabit and encompass within their waking dream of life.  A single portrait added to the immense gallery of portraits of a tiny, strategically and economically insignificant desert hamlet that has for two thousand years proven unparalleled in inspiring passions and dreams.  A stubborn little slab of reality that nevertheless shimmers like a mirage before the eyes of  both the mad and the sane, uniting them into a single brotherhood of dreamers, murderers and poets.  A landscape that gazed upon at sunset turns a shepherd, mason, seamstress or cobbler into a gate-keeper of eternity.




Written by Boaz Yakin & Illustrated by Joe Infurnari

“Twenty-five centuries later, it still inspires men to greatness. It set the foundation for one of the greatest global peace efforts of the twentieth century—the modern Olympic Games. It was a turning point in ancient history. It was also the greatest fear of a man hose legacy will never be forgotten. In 490, an Athenian messenger named Eucles ran over 300 miles to turn the tides of battle, and in so doing preserved ancient Greek civilization from subjugation to the Persian Empire. This is his story.


The Remarkable Worlds of Professor Phineas B. Fuddle Vol. 1-4

#1 ISBN-978-1563898464, #2 ASIN: B000IALEOI,

#3 ASIN: B000IAMNR0, #4 ASIN: B003OSHT2M

Written by Boaz Yakin & Illustrated by Erez Yakin

Professor Phineas B. Fuddle has a simple enough idea: Introduce modern technology to past civilizations, and the present will be retroactively upgraded. So the loopy professor builds a time machine, and heads back into history, to make the World a better place. BUT...instead of making a modern-day utopia, he has  created a chaotic Hell-on-Earth; He's messed with the past so much, that the present has become a war-zone where anarchy reigns. Plus, at Midnight tonight, it'll all be moot: the time-stream will collapse due to the stress of the changes Fuddle has made.  Two more bumbling Professors, one of them Fuddle's Nephew, must follow his trail through the time-stream, and bring Fuddle back to the present (London, 1902) before midnight... they are Humanity's only hope.

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